14 Quick and Simple Ways to Make your Front Door Secure

Did you know that most burglars break into your home through the front or back door? That’s why it’s important that you keep your front door secure at all times.

If you’re not sure that your door security is at its best, take a look at our 14-point checklist to ensure you’ve covered all the bases.

The door structure

1. Tap the door. Tap the face of the door and if it sounds hollow, consider replacing your door. A solid door is much better at keeping unwanted visitors out.
2. Check for signs of wear. Look for rotting or peeling and any signs of material breaking off.
3. Check hinges. If your hinges and screws are coming loose, it could mean that your door is warping. It might be a good time to replace your door if this is happening.


While they add light to the entrance of your home, windows can be a security risk.

4. Install security film. If you’ve got windows in your door, fit security film over the glass which stops the glass from shattering if it’s broken.
5. Check for laminated panels. If you’ve not got them, install them as they are two panes of glass put together with a sheet of laminate between them to make the windows stronger. door secure lock
6. Keep valuables out of sight. If burglars can’t see anything of value through the door, they may be deterred from breaking in.


There are plenty of different locks and coverings that you can buy to make your door secure.

7. Install a deadbolt. They are far less easy to pick and are much stronger than typical locks.
8. Add a cylinder guard. This will stop your door’s lock from being unscrewed or forced off.
9. Rim locks. These automatically lock the door when it closes, meaning that even if you forget to double lock the door you’re still secure.


You can take further steps to keep your door secure by installing different deterrents.

door secure spyhole
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10. Spyhole. If people know you can see them lurking on the other side of the door, they’re less likely to break in.
11. Security chain. This stops the door from opening fully if broken into or unlocked from the outside.
12. Alarms. Alarms will certainly stop burglars from taking the risk of breaking in. You could even install dummy alarms or buy stickers saying that your property is alarmed.
13. CCTV. Burglars don’t want their faces caught on camera!
14. Security lights. These lights are often installed at the side of properties and are operated by motion sensors, so should stop intruders.

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