A composite door to increase energy efficiency

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. And this notion can be applied to your home’s external doors.

What’s important though is to act quickly when they start to lose their energy efficiency, otherwise you’ll need to spend a lot more in order heat your home.

There are a few signs to beware of in regards to your door lifetime as well. Of course, this includes their appearance, as older doors tend to look tired and worn, whereas a modern replacement will revitalise your property.

Did you know that 11% of heat loss can be through your doors? This is a significant amount and with inefficient doors you’ll be wasting money every day. Replacing these doors with a composite will help keep your home warmer.

And with composite doors it’s not just this thermal efficiency which helps them stand head and sholdours above their rivals. In fact, composite doors look visually stunning too, plus a range of styles and designs will set your home apart from the crowd.

If you’re considering an investment of a replacement front door, then budget will be something to think about. With the huge range of designs available you can easily get a fantastic new door for the price you can afford.

So what exactly are composite doors? Well, they’ve been created as an answer to flaws of other materials and include a polyurethane core to increase thermal efficiency. On top of this, the Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin is strong, durable and hardwearing. This helps the door to resist impacts and gives the unit a long life expectancy.

With the composite door you’ll need to look at a number of things, such as the colour and the glazing. Just as with the styles, there are plenty of options. Whether you want a bold appeal with red or yellow, to traditional black and white, there’s something for everyone.

Tom Crosswell

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