Composite doors vs wooden doors

When it comes to picking a front door for your home you’ll have a few options to choose from. However, although uPVC is a possibility, it’s best avoided because it doesn’t offer great levels of security.

This leaves you with composite doors and wooden front doors. So what’s the difference? We run you though some of the frequently asked questions on this area.

What is a composite door?

Composite doors are manufactured from a number of different materials, in an effort to eradicate common problems. They’re designed to be highly secure, energy efficient, durable, hardwearing and low maintenance.

There are also a number of styles, designs and colours available, to ensure you find something that’ll perfectly match your home, whilst meeting your own taste and personality too.

So what about wooden doors?

Wooden doors have been around quite a bit longer than composite doors, so you know they’ll last years, providing a solid service to your home. Obviously wood is a sustainable source and the quality will depend on the type of wood you opt for.

Why composite rather than wood?

To find the main reason for choosing a composite door, you only have to look at the advertising of virtually every company promoting this product. They won’t warp, twist, rot, swell or shrink. They aren’t impacted by the weather either and maintenance is as easy as a wipe with a damp cloth.

What’s important to know though, is that a wooden door can also provide excellent service, if you purchase a high quality wood and treat it well with oiling and varnishing. The biggest problem with this though is the quality has wavered slightly and you need to be careful.

Which door should you choose?

We love composite doors, but it’s always important to look at all the facts and information to make your own choice. Take a look through the rest of our website to get a clear idea of what would be right for you. There are a number of styles too to look at including modern and traditional appeals.

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