Composite front doors: The nation’s favourite

Have you been thinking about replacing your front door? You’ve likely already thought about your options and may even have explored composite doors a little. Composite front doors are the most popular in the industry and combine all the best of security, durability and aesthetic appeal to give you a fantastic installation.

And it doesn’t take a genius to see why composites are the nation’s favourite front door. Other options such as uPVC may be cheaper, but there isn’t the same kerb appeal and experts have shown just how easy it is to break-into a uPVC door.

Of course, wooden front doors are another alternative to composites. But whilst they look great with traditional homes, the amount of maintenance tends to put many people off.

So what are the reasons to choose composite front doors?

The composite is actually manufactured from a number of different materials, in an attempt to avoid common problems with front doors. Essentially you’re combining the best of everything to create the ultimate front door.

Composite doors have a timber core which is filled with insulation and coated with a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin to improve durability and impact resistance. This thickness can vary depending on your home, typically ranging from 35mm to 65mm. And of course, the thicker the door the better your thermal and noise efficiency will be.

And composite doors don’t require a great deal of maintenance either, easily cleaned with a wet cloth. On top of this you’ll have a number of styles and colours to choose from, creating the perfect front door for your home.

Designs available include Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian and modern styles. Then there is a spectrum of colours at your disposal, from the common black or white, to bolder red, blue or green.

What’s not to be forgotten too is the amazing security of a composite door. With the latest locking systems installed you can be sure your front door is bump, drill and pick resistant.

Evy Coe

Evy works for Quotatis as a Content Marketing Executive. She loves to write about interior design and help homeowners with their DIY projects.