Choosing the right door colour for your home

Have you been considering replacing your front door? Then there are a number of factors you’ll need to consider, but above all you’ll want to decide on the appropriate colour.

With your front door the opportunities are seemingly endless and it’s now that you can bring colour to your home and invigorate the property.

There are a fantastic range of colours to choose from, so take a look at our guide to what colour front door will work with your home.

What colour is your home?


If you have a light green property then we’d suggest taking a look at natural and bright colours. Woodgrain is one brilliant option that’ll work well, whilst white frames would create a superb appeal. If yours is a darker green, then bolder colours that’ll stand out seem to be popular. This would include the ever-popular red.


If you live near the seaside then you’re likely to see a lot more blue homes, as opposed to the middle of the country. Considered a cold colour, blue can be countered with a warm red front door. Experts like the appeal of dark navy, but we believe this can make your home too cold.


Redbrick homes are certainly becoming a common sight in the UK as more and more estates spring up from nowhere. For your redbrick home a white door will keep the modern appeal, whilst brass features are highly recommended.


Pink properties have the appeal of creating a warm first impression on any guests and visitors to your home. There’s no doubt that a pink home stands out from the crowd too, so don’t ruin the look with the wrong front door. Black or white front doors are a good choice here.


You may think grey to be a dull colour, but it actually has a calming effect which can complement your home. Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing a bright colour to contrast, but actually a navy blue or dark red are the optimal colours of choice.


Of course, in Britain white homes are still probably the most common and you won’t need to think too hard about what the best front door colour will be. This is black. There are so many white homes with black doors though, so perhaps you want to go down a different route. Blue and red are two other colours to consider that’ll create a wonderful appeal.

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