Front Door Ideas for your Brand New Home

So you’ve just moved into a fantastic new build – congratulations! The chances are you’re loving all of the features that a brand new home brings.

But is there a small, niggling part of you that is wishing you had a bit of individuality in your new home? A great place to start is your front door. Take a look at our front door ideas to see if you can put your own stamp on your new build.

Contemporary front door ideas

modern front door ideas
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As your home is brand new, you can go for a modern look that other properties might not get away with. Go for a dark coloured door with a sleek metal handle that makes you stand out from the crowd.

In this design, the windows and security lights on either side help to add a sense of homeliness to a contemporary house.

Country styles

country front door ideas
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Don’t shy away from having a country-style front door as they can look fantastic on properties as you mix old and new.

This wood design adds the country look to the property but works well with the modern dark-framed windows.


classic front door ideas
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The classic front door will look great on a new build as it will add a traditional twist to a modern property.

The panels on this door are crafted artistically and the glass panels will add lots of light into your entrance room or hall.

Don’t be afraid of colour

colourful front door ideas
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A perfect way to stand out on your street is by adding colour to your front door. If you want to keep the same style front door as the rest of your street but want to add your own personal flair to it, why not go for a bright, bold colour?

The doors on this street certainly do this – but if you’re not too keen on pink, red always works brilliantly.

Dress up your door

If you’re still not satisfied that your new home stands out from the crowd, add some finishing touches to your home’s exterior. Plants by the front door make your home different from the others and you could add your own door knocker to put your stamp on your house.

Emily Rivers

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