Invest in a front door that pays for itself

The British weather can never be second guessed. How often are we expecting a lovely warm summer day, but left with rain and thunderstorms?

Realistically, the only time we can ever get close to predicting our weather is that between October and March it’ll typically be wet and cold. The sun might peek out on the odd occasion, but not too often.

When the cold weather does hit, what’s important is having a draught-free home. There are plenty of ways you can improve this, but looking at the front door is certainly advisable.

A new composite front door is perfect for this and will help you keep warmer, whist reducing those expensive heating bills at the same time.

How will a composite door help?

  • With your front door you’ll have a U Value. This is the amount of heat that can be lost. A composite front door has the lowest U Value, minimising heat loss
  • Once your new door is installed, it’ll fit perfectly in the frame, eliminating gaps around the edges and stopping heat from escaping.
  • This in turn will ensure your bills are reduced, by needing less heat to warm your home.

So how much can you save with a composite door? Of course, the answer will vary depending on your home and the level of insulation already installed, but a recent report suggests a composite door can save you up to £80 a year opposed to wooden or uPVC installations.

If you have an old and uninsulated front door then your savings will be even greater. In fact, you could be wasting £150-£170 a year on heat, whereas a composite door would cost you around £700. That means you can repay the cost of installation in just four or five years.

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), insulated front doors are the third most cost effective energy saving improvement you can make. They’re only beaten by a replacement boiler and wall cavity insulation.

Tom Crosswell

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