Make the right impression with your front door

According to experts it can take potential house buyers just eight seconds to decide if they like your property. And four of these will be spent staring at the front door, which is why this is a particularly important part of first impressions.

Designer Cecilia Neal, says; “People look at a front door before they look at anything else. Your front door reflects what you think about the house. A door can sell a property.”

One recent home buyer actually claims that the Oxford blue Edwardian front door, actually sold the property to her. Susie King in Putney said: “After being shown round by the agent, I drove back there that night, parked outside and just stared at the door. I wanted to live behind it so badly.”

On the other end of the scale though, a door can jeopardise a house sale. Without the right one in place, you risk putting off a large proportion of the buying market. So if yours isn’t looking its best, perhaps it’s time to spend a little money getting the perfect front door.

What’s important though is getting a front door that’s appropriate to your home. A traditional front door wouldn’t really suit a new build house for example, in the same way a contemporary design isn’t the best option for a Victorian home.

Ms Neal always suggests to her clients they select a door that matches their existing house style. She says: “A door should never be dislocated from a house, but if you want to go contemporary, use Scandinavian-style colours and chrome door furniture.”

Of course, sometimes changing your home for the better could be simply with a coat of paint. Beware though because depending on where you live, there could be regulations in place such as listed buildings.

If you want any proof of how iconic a front door can be, just think of Number 10 Downing Street. This has remained black for almost 300 years, albeit for a short stint as an ‘unlucky’ dark green when Herbert Asquith was Prime Minister.

There are so many colours to pick between too that it’s easy to find something to match your tastes and personalities. Whether you choose a traditional black or white colour, or instead opt for a bold appeal such as red or blue, you can transform your home.

If your front door is old and outdated too, it’s the perfect time to consider a replacement. With dozens of composite door styles and designs available you can find the perfect complement to your home.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • With a composite door you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, saving money on your bills.
  • 50% of burglars gain access through the front door so invest in a highly secure replacement to keep your home protected.
  • Composite doors are fitted with anti-bump and anti-pick locks, to keep you as safe as houses.
  • With a replacement composite door you can instantly improve both the interior and exterior appeal of your home.

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