Enjoy the appeal of Georgian front doors

When it comes to choosing the perfect front door for your home there are so many things to consider. Not least, you’ll need to pick a stunning style that’ll complement your home and set it apart from the crowd.

After all, this is the front door you’ll return to after a hard day at work, so it pays to invest in one you’ll enjoy seeing every evening.

With your style, Georgian is one that’s gaining popularity by the week. Georgian front doors have the appeal of two vertical rows of carved panels. In times gone by they often filled the entire opening, but recently include a fanlight too.

The Georgians really took painted features to the next level and only season woods such as oak and mahogany managed to escape the brush.

Of course, the colours themselves are far different to what’s available nowadays because of the standard of pigments, and brown and green were often the colour of choice.

A central door knob is often found with Georgian doors, with no letterbox. Of course, the letterbox is something that came about during the Victorian era, so brass features were the norm.

The Georgian classical styles include:

  • The Georgian six panel solid door
  • The Georgian six panel with top two panels glazed
  • The Georgian half glaze
  • The Georgian sunburst
  • The Georgian arch.

If a Georgian style is something you’re particularly keen on, then there’s now also an alternative to solid timber. This is because of the rise of the composite door, which surpasses wooden front doors because of insulation, security, durability and weather resistance.

Composite Georgian front doors have a polyurethane core that helps improve the thermal efficiency of the unit. Essentially, more heat is locked inside and isn’t allowed to escape your property.

A Georgian front door will provide a number of brilliant features for your home and the beauty is unrivalled by the other options at your disposal. If you’re seeking a traditional appeal, then look no further than the Georgian door.

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