Stable doors can be perfect for your home too

Have you ever considered a stable door for your home? If you don’t think they’re right for a property and need some convincing, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. First up, stable doors provide the ultimate in flexibility. You have the opportunity to open up the full door or even just half, whenever necessary.

Think about how great this could be. You’re in the kitchen, with a cup of coffee in hand, resting on the bottom half of your stable door. There’s a gentle breeze sweeping through your home and you can breathe in the natural smells of your garden.

Ok, so perhaps this isn’t the right front door for a city home, but if you live in the country or any urban setting, the stable door is the perfect fitting.

Essentially stable doors provide an effective and useful solution to a number of door access requirements. Both halves can open when needed to offer ventilation and extra viewing, whilst keeping young children or pets securely inside.

Stable doors have seen a resurgence in popularity recently too, mainly because of the rise in composite models. No longer do stable doors need to be wooden and you can match the brilliant qualities of a composite with the aesthetically pleasing stable design.

When it comes to finding the right stable door for your home, there are plenty of options. You can choose the colour, style and design that’ll suit your home and your personality.

On top of this, security is excellent. There are two highly secure multipoint locks in place, making it easy for you to open, but harder for potential intruders to gain access to your home.

There are also a number of glazing options for you to consider in order to set your home apart from the crowd. You can get the door of your dreams and provide a wow factor for your home that looks beautiful and is sure to impress any guests or visitors.

Tom Crosswell

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